Why Am I Not Losing Weight While In Ketosis?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of effort. It is indeed a difficult task, but nothing can be more beautiful than a healthy lifestyle. There are around 2.1 billion in the world who are suffering from obesity, and due to an unhealthy lifestyle, they are suffering from multiple health-related medical problems. 

The global obesity rate has been increasing, and you can find adults a part of it as well. Losing weight is dependent on the person who wants to have a healthy lifestyle, losing weight is one thing and maintaining weight is another thing altogether. 

Understanding The Methodology Of Ketosis:

A registered dietitian suggests different forms of diets. One of the most popular diets is the Keto Diet. However, the Keto diet is not an ordinary form of diet; it is a lifestyle. Your body goes into ketosis when you start a keto diet. When your body is in the state of Ketosis, the enzymes which store energy in the absence of carbohydrates reduce the sugar level, which leads to fat reduction. 

Nevertheless, to burn the fat in Ketosis, one needs to be constant with the diet. It takes time for the body to understand the mechanism, and some adjustments need to be made. If you are on Ketosis and your metabolism is not shifting to weight loss, you might consider a dietician. 

Ketogenic Diet-one Of The Most Effective Diets:

The ketogenic diet or Keto Diet is considered to be one of the most effective diets that have helped people in losing weight. There are a lot of health benefits attached to the Keto Diet, which is why it is known to be a diet for a healthy lifestyle. Once a body is in a state of Ketosis, it starts producing Ketones, which shifts the body towards fat reduction. There are a lot of people who do a keto diet to increase their energy levels. Mental clarity and sugar levels are stabilized with the help of a Keto diet. 

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Understanding The Pitfalls:

There is one common question that people ask, “why am I not losing weight while in Ketosis.” The statement is indeed disheartening as keto diet requires a lot of effort, and it is not easy to start such a diet, which demands a lot of attention and body adjustments. It is upsetting to see no difference on the weighing scale, especially when you are putting extra efforts. But do not lose hope, as we have collected some common reasons why you are unable to lose weight on ketosis. Let’s dig into reasons and manageable solutions.

1. Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals:

You can never be satisfied with the weight loss if you have unrealistic weight-loss expectations. Keto Diet is not magic, and it cannot make you size zero. It is an overall mechanism and a lifestyle that needs proper attention. Comparing your result from some person will not help, as weight loss varies from body to body. 

There are milestones in a Keto diet, and it is not something that can be achieved overnight. Losing 0.5-1 kg per week is the perfect representation of your body, reacting to Ketosis. Weight is just a number; if you only measure your performance through a weighing scale, you are doing it the wrong way. 

2. Workout Routine:

If you are involved in a workout routine, which includes weight lifting, then you might notice a slow change in your weight. Due to weight lifting, your body will gain muscle mass, which can lead to slow progress. However, if you are okay with the slower weight loss and increased mass muscle, you might do justice to your body as such situations reduce the risk of cardiac disease. 

In such a situation, instead of judging your progress through a weight machine, take measurements of your inches. 

3. Medical Issues:

If you think that you are doing the Keto diet the right way and still you have not lost a pound, you must see a doctor. There is no harm in keeping a check on your health. If everything is right on the outside, it does not necessarily mean that everything is okay inside as well. There can be multiple reasons such as PCOS, anxiety, depression, high level of insulin, or any other issues that are stopping you from losing weight. A doctor can help you in knowing the real cause. 

God forbid even if you have any medical issue, do not dismay through proper medication and management, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Over Snacking:

Keto Diet requires a lot of effort, and you need to shut your mouth and cut on a lot of things. Majority of people think that snacking can help them lose the carbs, and they can prevent hunger packs through snacking. 

A part of it is true, but over-snacking can increase your calorie count. Divide your snacking sessions, and do not overdo, as it will slow down your mechanism. Non-starchy vegetables are good for snacking; also, celery sticks or cherry tomatoes can be considered as a good option if you are on a keto diet.  

5. Cutting On Physical Activities:

Cutting down on physical activity while on a keto diet will make you feel exhausted. You need to incorporate some kind of physical activity into your daily life. Be it walking or a simple work out can also help. 

Physical activity will help you achieve your goal in a more presentable manner. Physical activity can eventually increase your amount of energy, and it will also help in increased metabolism. All you have to do is draw a schedule and stick it beside your diet chart, keeping both the things together will motivate you, and you ultimately achieve a healthy exercise routine. 

6. Leptin Resistance:

We have this hormone in our body that disturbs our eating mechanism. The hormone is known as Leptin, and the situation is known as Leptin resistance. The brain does not get proper signals, and the starvation and hunger session continues. You are false alarmed, and you eat more than you are required. 

The hypothalamic cells are responsible for sending false signals. In most cases, leptin resistance occurs when a person is having difficulties in sleeping, or he is going through some stress. The thyroid levels are also affected because of Leptin resistance, and it is important to get proper management of decreasing the leptin resistance. 

7. Cortisol:

It is quite difficult to lose weight when you are experiencing some kind of stress. It is considered as one of the most important factors that stop your body from losing weight. When your body is stressed out, it produces a hormone known as cortisol. It is commonly known as a stress hormone, and it is released when your body is under pressure. 

Keto Diet Macros:

There is a common term known as Macros in a Keto diet. A diet chart is made according to the macros, and they are daily intake of calories, which is broken down according to carbohydrates and proteins. One of the most difficult tasks in a keto diet is counting the macros; it requires a lot of calculation and hard work. Also, the keto diet macros are different for each person, and there is a general formula that almost every person uses:

Calories from CarbsCalories from ProteinCalories from Fat

The above-mentioned formula is pretty simple, but the process is not as simple as the formula. You can take 1500-1600 calories per day when you are on ketosis, but how do you divide the above-mentioned calories? Let’s look at the chart below:

4 calories per gram4 calories per gramNine calories per gram

The below-mentioned formula will help you in dividing your calories as per the requirement:

1600*0.10/4 =40 Grams of carbs per day1600*0.20/4= 80 Grams of carbs per day1600*0.70/9=124 Grams of fat per day

Formula= Calories per day * percentage of calories/Number of per gram. By using this formula you can easily measure the macros for the keto diet. 

Bottom Line:

A ketogenic diet is only just a form of the diet; it is more like a lifestyle. It is considered to be one of the most effective diets, but it requires a lot of effort and hard work. There are a lot of people who complain that they are continually trying, but they are not unable to lose weight. There can be a lot of reasons that are stopping you from losing weight. 

Lack of sleep, stress, Leptin resistance, over-snacking, insufficient take of proteins, wrong count of macros are some of the common reasons. If you want to take full advantage of the Keto Diet, you must take proper sleep and reduce stress. Water consumption is another important factor that contributes to weight loss; make sure that you are drinking enough water. Most importantly, do not keep unrealistic expectations.